Non-Immigrants Visas

Consular Applications

  • Completion of applicable forms (DS-156E, DS-160)
  • Drafting of supporting letter for Nonimmigrant Application
  • Preparing procedure information for client’s visa submission according to specific U.S. Consulate requirements for attorney’s review

Initial Petition/Extension of Stay/Change of Status

  • Preparing forms (I-129, I-539 and applicable supplement forms for attorney’s review and client signature
  • Drafting supporting letter for petitioner’s signature
  • Assembling of entire application along with exhibit tabs for attorney’s review and signature

Types of Nonimmigrant visas, include

  • H-1B / H-4
  • L-1A / L-2 /L-1B
  • E-1 / E-2
  • O-1
  • P-1
  • R-1
  • TN
  • K-1
  • K-3
  • B-1 / B-2, etc.
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