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New stickers issued by the USCIS will extend validity for Green Cards

New stickers issued by the USCIS will extend validity for Green Cards

New stickers issued by the USCIS will extend validity for Green Cards

Extension stickers will be given to lawful permanent residents in January 2021to replace the old ones and continue the validity of the I-551 form. Those who hold a permanent residence or Green card will also be provided with a new I-797 edition, a Notice of Action. The I-90 or legal permanent residents is the form that is used for replacing permanent resident card when they are about to expire. The revised I-797 will be used as a notice receipt for the I-90 form.

The I-797 and the green card together will extend the validity of the green cards for up to 12 months. This will also provide the holder with temporary proof of their legal permanent residence status while living in the US. For those individuals who have had their green card recently expire will continue to have the documentation to show employment authorization, identity and the ability to return to the US if they have left for temporary travel overseas.

For those I-90 applicants who have not been provided with their notice for the biometrics appointment, will not need to visit the support center in order to gain the temporary evidence of their legal permanent residence status. For those who have already received their notice to attend the biometrics appointment, will receive their extension stickers when they attend their appointment.

Beginning in January 2021, those who have filed their I-90 form to replace the expiring green card will be given the revised receipt notice. The notice will be sent through the mail, and the recipient should receive it within 7-10 days once the USCIS has accepted the application. The notice will be on a secure document that will be held as evidence of the applicant’s identity and their employment authorization when shown with their expired green card.

For questions that are related to employment, please refer to I-9 Central. For other questions, please refer to the USCIS Replace Your Green Card page.

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